Why Are We Different?


We are not giving you a diet plan. You do not need to count calories, measure points or starve yourself. This is a plan that will make you see food and weight loss in a different light and make it easier to stay on track long term.


We aim to find out what foods work best with your body, teach you how to prepare and enjoy real wholesome food again.


Plans are tailored to suit you. You’ll set goals you want to achieve, that fit into your lifestyle. Some people may prefer a detailed nutrition plan, others may require someone to bounce ideas off. We understand that everyone is different and don’t take a cookie cutter approach.


Weight loss and healthy eating isn’t just about food and exercise. We take a look at how your lifestyle may be affecting your health, look at it step by step to see what we can do to make everyday life seem easier and live a healthy lifestyle rather than just eating to lose weight.