Who Am I?

Hi All

I am Dr Nicole Atkinson. I am a chiropractor and health/weight loss coach. I am passionate about helping women especially regain not only their health but their confidence that they can control how they look and feel.

I believe that weight loss has a lot to do with your relationship with yourself and how you treat yourself. It is not all about what you eat and how much exercise you do, it comes down to lifestyle as a whole.

What do I do as a coach? 

Coaching for me is providing education and support to my clients. 
Weight gain and feeling unhealthy to me are just a resultunhealthy habits. I help people identify what habits and lifestyle choices are holding them back and then give them the tools to set goals to change these habits. 

As well as this I educate my clients on what real food is. There are so many diets & ways of eating out there it is confusing and often conflicting. I encourage my clients to eat real food and go back to basics, help people understand what they are putting in their body and what works best for you you as an individual. 

If you choose to work with me, you will be getting more than a nutrition and exercise prescription. The weight loss plans I have created take a look at the big picture. We look at your mindset, building a kinder relationship with yourself, learning what foods are right for you, supplements that will help your body and help you set goals that are achievable. You are in control and we work at your pace.

My ultimate goal is to teach you how to look after yourself, so that the changes we make will last a lifetime.

Look forward to working with you.