Why dieting doesn’t work.



DIETS I even hate the fact they are called diets. When you google ‘diet’ this is what comes up first “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.” the second option that appears is “restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight.” which taints the whole word and how it should be used.

In order to to loose weight yes you have to take a look at your diet but the the first meaning of the word “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats”. If your habits are poor and you have an unhealthy diet then you are going to struggle with living a healthy life and living in skin you feel comfortable in.

When did people replace the true meaning of diet with “to restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight.”. I mean how painful does that sound even reading that sentence makes me cringe. Why would you restrict yourself to small amounts of food in order to lose weight when instead you could change the food that you habitually eat. On this blog and site I will refer to diet often but it is so important that it is understood that diet is just a word that describes what a person eats not how little or restrictive the food intake is.

Why diets in the second sense don’t work.

First of they are exactly that restrictive – you can only deprive your body of food for so long and usually when we do this by the time we realise we can’t do it forever we blow out and then eat more than ever before.

Dieting doesn’t address the true issue. There is a reason in your life you are over eating or eating in an unhealthy way. This can range from eating because you are bored, unhappy with your current situation, you think you are eating in a healthy manner but really you are not, the list goes on. So yes you reduce your food intake you lose weight and then the second you stop it all comes back on again.

They don’t help you understand your body. Everyone’s body works differently, some people can process things other people can’t and its not til we understand this that we can truly build a diet (in the true meaning) that works for us long term.

The leave us feeling bad about ourselves and like we can not do it. Going a on restrictive diet is awful for your self esteem and confidence. Every time you fail – not because you fail but because it is unrealistic this tapes plays in your head that you can’t do it, your never going to be able to do it and the more you try dieting the more this gets cemented in your mind.

So lets just stop! Instead doesn’t figuring out what habits you have created in your life to get you to your current unhappy state and trying to change these in a positive way sound better. Doesn’t changing the way you habitually eat sound better than restricting yourself? Doesn’t learning what types of food your body works best with and being able to enjoy these and eat freely with no guilt sound better.

My mission is to help people understand this and help people realise that not only does a healthy diet help with weight but you will notice that you feel better in every sense. So enjoy the blog posts and the recipes and if you think you need that extra boost you can always contact me for a chat. 

Happy healthy habitual eating 🙂


Are you goals so big they are holding you back?

Goals are so important, making them achievable is more important.

The fear of starting.

A lot of times the thought of fear so starting a new chapter of your life can be terrifying and it’s easier to live with the devil you know than face the thought of being a failure.
Weight loss or changing your eating habits is one of those things, especially if you feel like you have tried everything and nothing works.

Starting with small goals is important, yes the end goal that vision of where you want to be is important too but people often forget that you also need to plan the steps to get there.

Easy things you can do to start setting goals and achieve them are

  • Writing you goals out and work backward. Have a 6 month vision and work back from there that way month by month or week by week so you have a more attainable goal.
  • Track and record results whether it’s scales, measurements, photos or a certain outfit that was tight and uncomfortable you need a way of tracking the small changes as if you don’t you won’t notice them.
  • Plan, each week have a plan. A meal plan, a shopping list, an exercise schedule the more we plan the less we slip up. It may seem boring or ridged but the more your simple life tasks are planned the less energy you spend stressing over them.

Don’t let the fear of the big picture cause you not to take the first step, it may only be a small step but the more small things we change and stick to over time the more likely it is they will become new habits over time.
And as always we are here to help if you want to set goals and stick to them but don’t know where to start or it all seems too overwhelming then call us for a chat 🙂

What is real food?

Changing your mindset about what ‘healthy’ food is.

When you talk to a lot of people they probably say yes I eat a healthy diet, I cook all the time and rarely eat takeaways. Which is awesome, but just because your cooking at home or choosing healthy options when eating out are they as healthy as you think.

When I talk about real food, I am talking about food that is as close to it’s natural form as possible. Now this is easy to recognise when eating eating fruits, veggies and meats and to honest this is what most of our diet should be made up of anyway. Where I see people getting lost and misinformed is when it comes to grains and  other things that are markets as ‘health foods’ such as nut bars, yogurts etc.

Something I try to do every time I eat is think how many steps has this piece of food gone through before getting to my plate. Lets take white flour for example – if you think of the wheat in the field for it then to be turned into a refined white powder there are a lot of steps to get there and a lot of nutrients lost in the process & lets not even get into the chemical treatments of the wheat while it is growing. It is so simple to choose a wholegrain option .

There is a great book called Changing Habits, Changing Lives which gets into sticking to unprocessed foods in a lot more https://changinghabits.com.au/product/changing-habits-changing-lives/


Food should be viewed as fuel.If we are eating because we are hungry then we are eating to fuel our bodies. This doesn’t mean it can’t also be delicious. If you try and see food as fuel for you body and ask yourself every time you eat something what is the nutrient value of this food, what is this going to give me. If you look at it and see that it has been heavily processed, has a lot of additives and sometimes even made up chemicals that add taste then why would you eat it? And sometimes it is those foods marked as health foods in the supermarket that are the worst offender of this. Look at the sugar contents of things like yogurts and nut bars next time you go to buy them.

Our body and digestive systems loves food that is close to its natural form, our bodies and minds need nutrients to survive and it is so important that we respect this and respect ourselves and give our body what it needs.

This doesn’t mean you can never eat your favourite food again, or ever bake with white flour again but in my opinion this should be viewed in the same way as we would view a chocolate bar or other treat, something we eat for the pure pleasure of doing so once in a while. If we change our mindset to what true real, healthy food is then the rest is easy.

Love your body, give it what it needs.

As always we are here to help, contact us for a free 30 min consult if you want more info.

The easiest salad ever

Quick, easy and tasty salad.

Healthy food doesn’t have to be hard work. This lunch took me literally 10 maybe 12 minutes to make and is tasty and filling and you can go nuts and add what ever you want to it if it looks a bit bland.

Straight from the garden to my plate. Quick, easy, healthy lunch. #healthcoach #realfood #weightloss #homegrownveg #mosgielnz

You will need (Serves 3 ) :

1/2 Punnet of Cherry Tomatoes

1/2 A Cucumber

1 x Bag of Salad Green or whatever you normally use

3 x Chicken Breasts Diced

Juice of 1 Lemon

1 TBSP Mayo (homemade if you have or store brought check sugar content and find one with none)

Salt and Pepper

Dice cucumber and half tomatoes. Season chicken and cook on a medium heat in pan until cooked through. In your salad bowl mix cucumber, tomato with the lemon juice and mayo. Stir through chicken and greens. AND YOUR DONE.

It may seem simple but it is such a fresh meal great for a hot day and having the protein from the chicken means you will feel full for longer.


The struggle is real.

How real healthy came to life.

I first came up with the idea for Real Healthy through my work as a chiropractor.

Women would come to me with aches and pains, stress and just generally unhealthy. Some of them knew it, some of them didn’t but the point where it became so frustrating I had to do something different was that they would only talk to me about their aches and pains, some times about stress but never about their whole lives and the big picture. You can never be truly healthy unless you look at the big picture. Now some of that is my fault – I could have prompted, asked them let them know that as a chiropractor I could help but in a small rural setting I just felt the lines were blurred. That’s not why they were there, they had not brought this up to me so who was I to bring it to their attention and quite frankly the subject was too large to truly deal with in a chiropractic appointment. So Real Healthy started to sprout in my mind.

It has been a long process and a bit of an internal struggle to be honest. I promote weight loss, not because I think that is the most important issue in the world but because that sparks attention in peoples mind, which also sparked questions in my mind. Am I my ideal weight, who am I to be talking to people on this. Yes I have done the training on nutrition and coaching and I understand how to live and eat a natural diet and promote a healthy lifestyle but I also from time to time struggle with sticking to it, so I can’t possibly help people when I am not doing everything perfectly – my mind said anyway.

Then I realised – it’s not actually weight I am trying to promote, it is healthy living and if you stick to healthy living you will in turn lose weight. I am not perfect, I still everyday have to work and be motivated to choose this lifestyle and that it fine and everybody that choose this life style has to do the same. So I have over come the self doubt, realised yes I do still have to work at this, it is a conscious choice but I have the knowledge, I understand the body, the food, the techniques to make a change and that is what I am here to share.

Yes the struggle is real, by working with me you are working with a real person. I am not a fitness model or a hard out health nut. I love health, I love the idea of living a natural lifestyle and caring and nurturing your bodies.  Self doubt can often put the halt on things before you even start and it truly happens to everyone.

So why wait, if you want to feel better, eat real food, learn ways to keep on track for life and truly take care of your body, join me and you know that your working with someone who has done it first hand.