If you are trying to loose weight and seem to have no luck sticking to a diet or trouble sustaining your weight-loss once your diet is complete then take a look at our packages. Here at Real Healthy we are not focused on calories, numbers & points or heavily restricting your food intake but instead our aim is to help you build a positive relationship with food and learn how to eat & prepare real food again and teach you not only ways to loose weight but to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Our 8 and 12 week packages help you

*Establish what your eating habits are & how we can change these in a positive way .

*Educate you on food groups and what food types and timings are best for your weight-loss.

*Set goals you want to achieve and that are manageable for optimum results.

*Stay on track, with weekly phone calls and one to one sessions through out your programme to discuss your successes and struggles regularly and change our approach as we go if needed.

*Keep it off. Our programmes are designed to slowly change your lifestyle and habits and build a positive relationship with food  so that when your programme is finished you have all the tools you need to keep living & feeling healthy, unlike fad diets.