What is real food?

Changing your mindset about what ‘healthy’ food is.


When you talk to a lot of people they probably say yes I eat a healthy diet, I cook all the time and rarely eat takeaways. Which is awesome, but just because your cooking at home or choosing healthy options when eating out are they as healthy as you think.

When I talk about real food, I am talking about food that is as close to it’s natural form as possible. Now this is easy to recognise when eating eating fruits, veggies and meats and to honest this is what most of our diet should be made up of anyway. Where I see people getting lost and misinformed is when it comes to grains and ¬†other things that are markets as ‘health foods’ such as nut bars, yogurts etc.

Something I try to do every time I eat is think how many steps has this piece of food gone through before getting to my plate. Lets take white flour for example – if you think of the wheat in the field for it then to be turned into a refined white powder there are a lot of steps to get there and a lot of nutrients lost in the process & lets not even get into the chemical treatments of the wheat while it is growing. It is so simple to choose a wholegrain option .

There is a great book called Changing Habits, Changing Lives which gets into sticking to unprocessed foods in a lot more https://changinghabits.com.au/product/changing-habits-changing-lives/


Food should be viewed as fuel.If we are eating because we are hungry then we are eating to fuel our bodies. This doesn’t mean it can’t also be delicious. If you try and see food as fuel for you body and ask yourself every time you eat something what is the nutrient value of this food, what is this going to give me. If you look at it and see that it has been heavily processed, has a lot of additives and sometimes even made up chemicals that add taste then why would you eat it? And sometimes it is those foods marked as health foods in the supermarket that are the worst offender of this. Look at the sugar contents of things like yogurts and nut bars next time you go to buy them.

Our body and digestive systems loves food that is close to its natural form, our bodies and minds need nutrients to survive and it is so important that we respect this and respect ourselves and give our body what it needs.

This doesn’t mean you can never eat your favourite food again, or ever bake with white flour again but in my opinion this should be viewed in the same way as we would view a chocolate bar or other treat, something we eat for the pure pleasure of doing so once in a while. If we change our mindset to what true real, healthy food is then the rest is easy.

Love your body, give it what it needs.

As always we are here to help, contact us for a free 30 min consult if you want more info.

Author: Nicole The Chiro

Chiropractor at Mosgiel Chiropractic and Wellbeing & Morse Chiropractic Centre Timaru. Helping people enjoy healthier lifestyles and feel great.

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