Are you goals so big they are holding you back?

Goals are so important, making them achievable is more important.


The fear of starting.

A lot of times the thought of fear so starting a new chapter of your life can be terrifying and it’s easier to live with the devil you know than face the thought of being a failure.
Weight loss or changing your eating habits is one of those things, especially if you feel like you have tried everything and nothing works.

Starting with small goals is important, yes the end goal that vision of where you want to be is important too but people often forget that you also need to plan the steps to get there.

Easy things you can do to start setting goals and achieve them are

  • Writing you goals out and work backward. Have a 6 month vision and work back from there that way month by month or week by week so you have a more attainable goal.
  • Track and record results whether it’s scales, measurements, photos or a certain outfit that was tight and uncomfortable you need a way of tracking the small changes as if you don’t you won’t notice them.
  • Plan, each week have a plan. A meal plan, a shopping list, an exercise schedule the more we plan the less we slip up. It may seem boring or ridged but the more your simple life tasks are planned the less energy you spend stressing over them.

Don’t let the fear of the big picture cause you not to take the first step, it may only be a small step but the more small things we change and stick to over time the more likely it is they will become new habits over time.
And as always we are here to help if you want to set goals and stick to them but don’t know where to start or it all seems too overwhelming then call us for a chat 🙂

Author: Nicole The Chiro

Chiropractor at Mosgiel Chiropractic and Wellbeing & Morse Chiropractic Centre Timaru. Helping people enjoy healthier lifestyles and feel great.

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