The struggle is real.

How real healthy came to life.


I first came up with the idea for Real Healthy through my work as a chiropractor.

Women would come to me with aches and pains, stress and just generally unhealthy. Some of them knew it, some of them didn’t but the point where it became so frustrating I had to do something different was that they would only talk to me about their aches and pains, some times about stress but never about their whole lives and the big picture. You can never be truly healthy unless you look at the big picture. Now some of that is my fault – I could have prompted, asked them let them know that as a chiropractor I could help but in a small rural setting I just felt the lines were blurred. That’s not why they were there, they had not brought this up to me so who was I to bring it to their attention and quite frankly the subject was too large to truly deal with in a chiropractic appointment. So Real Healthy started to sprout in my mind.

It has been a long process and a bit of an internal struggle to be honest. I promote weight loss, not because I think that is the most important issue in the world but because that sparks attention in peoples mind, which also sparked questions in my mind. Am I my ideal weight, who am I to be talking to people on this. Yes I have done the training on nutrition and coaching and I understand how to live and eat a natural diet and promote a healthy lifestyle but I also from time to time struggle with sticking to it, so I can’t possibly help people when I am not doing everything perfectly – my mind said anyway.

Then I realised – it’s not actually weight I am trying to promote, it is healthy living and if you stick to healthy living you will in turn lose weight. I am not perfect, I still everyday have to work and be motivated to choose this lifestyle and that it fine and everybody that choose this life style has to do the same. So I have over come the self doubt, realised yes I do still have to work at this, it is a conscious choice but I have the knowledge, I understand the body, the food, the techniques to make a change and that is what I am here to share.

Yes the struggle is real, by working with me you are working with a real person. I am not a fitness model or a hard out health nut. I love health, I love the idea of living a natural lifestyle and caring and nurturing your bodies.  Self doubt can often put the halt on things before you even start and it truly happens to everyone.

So why wait, if you want to feel better, eat real food, learn ways to keep on track for life and truly take care of your body, join me and you know that your working with someone who has done it first hand.

Author: Nicole The Chiro

Chiropractor at Mosgiel Chiropractic and Wellbeing & Morse Chiropractic Centre Timaru. Helping people enjoy healthier lifestyles and feel great.

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